7 Foods from Medellín You Have to Try

During my culinary exploration in Medellín, I was delighted to discover a rich tapestry of flavors that truly captured the essence of Colombian cuisine. From hearty traditional dishes to mouthwatering street food, Medellín offered an array of culinary delights that left a lasting impression. In this vibrant city, I had the opportunity to indulge in the local flavors and experience the unique blend of ingredients and techniques that make Medellín’s food scene so special.

1.Bandeja Paisa: Bandeja Paisa, a true Medellín staple, won my heart with its hearty and flavorful combination of ingredients. Savoring the red beans, white rice, tender ground beef, crispy chicharrón, fried egg, sweet plantain, creamy avocado, and comforting arepa was an indulgence I won’t soon forget. I had the pleasure of trying Bandeja Paisa at Restaurante Hacienda in El Poblado and Mondongos, where the dish was served with authentic flair and captured the essence of Medellín’s culinary heritage.

2.Arepas: These delicious corn-based patties, stuffed with tantalizing fillings, offered a delightful blend of flavors and textures. At Arepa & Co in Laureles, I delighted in the diverse selection of fillings, from the classic combination of cheese to innovative options like shredded chicken and beef. Each bite was a celebration of the local cuisine and a testament to the city’s culinary creativity.

3.Bandeja de Mondongo: To truly immerse myself in Medellín’s gastronomic culture, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to taste the traditional Bandeja de Mondongo. This hearty tripe soup, simmered to perfection with slow-cooked beef tripe and an assortment of vegetables, warmed my soul and introduced me to a new dimension of flavors. I had the pleasure of experiencing the rich and comforting Bandeja de Mondongo at La Marseillaise in the city center, where the dish was crafted with care and served with true Colombian hospitality.

4.Buñuelos and Natilla: During my culinary journey in Medellín, I couldn’t resist indulging in some delightful sweet treats. Buñuelos, those irresistibly fried dough balls made with cheese and cornmeal, captured my taste buds with their crispy exterior and soft, cheesy interior. Pairing them with natilla, a creamy custard-like dessert, created a perfect balance of flavors. La Quinta de San Alejo in El Poblado was a fantastic spot to savor these traditional Colombian delights, where the buñuelos were freshly made and the natilla was rich and smooth.

5.Chicharrón: For pork enthusiasts like me, the chicharrón in Medellín was a true culinary gem. I visited La Casa del Chicharrón in the city center, drawn by its reputation for serving mouthwatering chicharrón. The combination of crunchy, golden skin and tender, flavorful meat was a heavenly experience. It’s no wonder why chicharrón is beloved by locals and visitors alike.

6.Tamales Antioqueños: To explore the rich and diverse flavors of Medellín, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to try Tamales Antioqueños. These savory cornmeal patties filled with a delicious mix of pork, chicken, vegetables, and spices were a delightful explosion of flavors. Tamales Doña Zita in Laureles was the perfect place to savor authentic Tamales Antioqueños, as the restaurant’s dedication to quality and authenticity shone through in each bite.

7.Postobón: And let’s not forget about Postobón, a beloved Colombian soft drink brand. I couldn’t resist trying Colombiana, a sweet and refreshing soda with hints of vanilla and caramel. It provided the perfect accompaniment to my culinary adventures in Medellín. Whether enjoying it with a meal or as a refreshing pick-me-up, Postobón added an authentic Colombian touch to my culinary exploration.

I immersed myself in the vibrant flavors and diverse culinary traditions of the city, indulging in the rich and delicious foods that Medellín had to offer. From the comforting flavors of bandeja paisa to the crispy perfection of arepas, each bite was a delight for the senses. I discovered hidden gems in local markets, street food stalls, and traditional restaurants, savoring the authentic tastes of Medellín’s gastronomy. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or simply looking to experience the local culture through its cuisine, Medellín will not disappoint.

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