How to get from Monterrey to Mexico City

Traveling between these two vibrant cities in Mexico offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the country’s rich diversity and experience the contrasting charms of each destination. Whether you choose to fly, take a bus, hop on a train, or embark on a road trip, each mode of transportation presents its own unique advantages and allows for an immersive travel experience.


Monterrey’s General Mariano Escobedo International Airport (MTY) serves as a gateway to various domestic and international destinations, including Ciudad de México.

Booking a direct flight between Monterrey and Ciudad de México proved to be the most time-efficient and comfortable option for me. With numerous airlines operating this route, I had the flexibility to choose a flight that suited my schedule and preferences. The flight duration typically ranges from 1.5 to 2 hours, making it a quick and efficient way to reach my destination.

Upon arriving at General Mariano Escobedo International Airport, I was impressed by its modern facilities and excellent amenities. The airport offers a seamless travel experience, with efficient check-in procedures and a range of services, including dining options, duty-free shops, and currency exchange facilities. The staff were friendly and helpful, ensuring a pleasant start to my journey.

As I boarded the aircraft, I settled into a comfortable seat, ready to enjoy the smooth and hassle-free flight. The airline provided in-flight services, including complimentary beverages and snacks, ensuring my comfort throughout the journey. I appreciated the convenience of being able to relax, read a book, or catch up on work during the flight.

Once we landed at Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX) in Ciudad de México, I was greeted by the vibrant atmosphere and bustling energy of the capital city. The airport’s accessibility and efficient immigration and baggage claim processes made for a seamless arrival experience. From there, I was able to continue my journey and explore all that Ciudad de México has to offer.


Traveling by bus from Monterrey to Ciudad de México offers a scenic and leisurely option for those who prefer to enjoy the journey at a more relaxed pace. Monterrey has several bus terminals, and I found that choosing a reputable bus company ensured a comfortable ride. The duration of the bus journey typically ranges from 8 to 10 hours, taking into account factors such as traffic and any stops along the way. While it may be a longer travel time compared to flying, I appreciated the opportunity to unwind and take in the picturesque landscapes that unfolded outside the window. Additionally, the bus terminals in both Monterrey and Ciudad de México are well-equipped with facilities, including food options and restrooms, making the overall experience convenient and enjoyable.


If you’re seeking a quicker alternative, traveling by train offers a unique and scenic perspective of the Mexican landscape. Monterrey boasts the “Ferrocarril Suburbano de Monterrey,” a modern and efficient train service that connects the city to the suburb of San Roque. From San Roque, you can then take a connecting train to reach Ciudad de México. The train journey provides an opportunity to admire the beauty of the countryside, as the train traverses through charming towns, lush valleys, and scenic vistas. It’s important to note that the train service operates on a specific schedule, so it’s advisable to check the timings in advance and plan your journey accordingly to ensure a seamless travel experience.

Traveling By Car

For those who enjoy the freedom of exploration and flexibility, traveling by car is a popular option. The distance between Monterrey and Ciudad de México is approximately 800 kilometers, and the journey typically takes around 8 to 10 hours, depending on traffic conditions and your driving pace. Renting a car or using your own vehicle allows you to make stops along the way, giving you the opportunity to explore other cities or attractions that catch your interest. Taking this route also allows you to set your own schedule and take in the scenic beauty of the Mexican countryside at your own pace.

My journey from Monterrey to Ciudad de México was a remarkable experience, filled with diverse transportation options and memorable moments. Whether you choose to fly for a quick and efficient journey, take a leisurely bus ride to enjoy the scenic landscapes, embark on a train adventure to soak in the beauty of Mexico, or opt for a road trip to have the freedom of exploration, each mode of transportation offers its own unique charm.

By sharing my personal insights and experiences, I hope I have provided you with valuable information to make your trip from Monterrey to Ciudad de México as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Remember to plan ahead, consider factors such as travel time, comfort, and personal preferences, and explore the various transportation options to find the one that best suits your needs.

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